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Our language programs at SUMMER TIME CAMPS have been attracting the attention of children and parents for over 30 years. We offer something for everybody as our programs cater to all ages and skill levels across a range of different formats. Further information about the range of programs we offer can be found at the webpage syka.cz. Our language camp ENGLISH 4 YOU is in high demand due to its intensive educational program in an unforgettable summer holiday environment. European Communities share a common goal to promote linguistic diversity and language education. Knowledge of the English language is becoming an invaluable skill for fully participating in today’s developed European society. For these reasons, it is no surprise that our ENGLISH 4 YOU camp has been very popular for many years. The SUMMER TIME resort will welcome its participants for the 23rd time this summer, and for the 13th time, ENGLISH 4 YOU will take place in a hotel environment, this time again, at Leisure Resort MONÍNEC. The aim of the week-long ENGLISH 4 YOU camp is not only to practise English, but also to actively improve the child’s skills throughout each day in the presence of native English speakers.
If you like to spend your holidays in the nature, if you have at least the basic knowledge of English and if you would like to improve your language skills through lecturers whose mother tongue is English, then accept our invitation to join the ENGLISH 4 YOU 2024 courses in our beautiful South Bohemian environment.
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The core of the educational program consists of 3 morning and 2 afternoon lessons in which an English teacher, who is always a native speaker, actively works with the children in classrooms or in our beautiful outdoor areas. The course focuses mainly on improving the children’s conversational skills, their active perception of the language and pronunciation. The goal is not just to understand a foreign language, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak. Grammar is practised in a fun way that complements the main aim of the course. In addition to the lessons, the children enjoy time with their teachers throughout the whole day, participating in fun activities such as sports, games, competitions, swimming, boating, sightseeing trips, camp fires and discos, so they are speaking English all day long.

Children, thanks to their age, are surprisingly fast learners and are naturally able to grasp foreign languages, including new expressions and pronunciation, so direct contact with native English speakers allows them to absorb new language skills quickly. They celebrate the conclusion of the course with an afternoon full of wonderful entertainment, where each class presents a performance (fairytales, sketches, anecdotes, songs – everything in English of course) that they have prepared during the week. A sightseeing trip around the beautiful sights of South Bohemia has a special charm; the children are guided in English and participate in fun and games throughout the afternoon. The teachers not only describe the sights, but also later help the children to remember this special experience by incorporating it into the lessons.


For many years we have been cooperating with well-established language agencies, which guarantees that our teachers are of high quality. Not only can they teach well, but also they are able to establish a good and responsible relationship with the children. The English speaking leaders come from England, the USA, Canada or Australia. All of them are professionally qualified to work with children. We have a minimum requirement that they have attended an International TEFL Certificate Training Program that prepares native speakers for teaching both children and adult students and authorises the teaching of English as a foreign language. Our teachers have been educated at a number of prestigious international schools or are certified to teach children by reputable language agencies, primarily through TEFL Worldwide Pragueteflworldwideprague.com, a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Oxford TEFLoxfordtefl.com, belonging to the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and finally The Language House TEFLthelanguagehouse.net.
Working together with the English teacher is a Czech assistant, who can help the children if they encounter any difficulties. They not only support the teacher in the classroom, but also throughout the other daily activities, therefore they are carefully and professionally selected as well.


During all of our activities, the children are taken care of and looked after at all times; this is one of the reasons why our staff is carefully selected, not only the teachers, but also our other staff from the assistants to the cooks and the nurse. All members of our staff undergo extensive training. Our activities as well as the travel agency are insured by Vienna Insurance Group. The excellent reputation of our camps, see Facebook or read references here, is a testimony that children love attending them and that parents have confidence in us. Many of the SUMMER TIME CAMP participants have been spending their holiday with us for several seasons. It is not unusual for some children to choose to spend more time with us and to participate in more than one program during the summer, proof of the popularity of our excellent camps and courses. Every teacher knows that the best lessons are the ones that the students look forward to.


The camp is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 17 (the camp at MONÍNEC from 12 to 17), who have a basic knowledge of the English language. The program is also adjusted for more advanced English speakers, which is why the children are divided into groups according to their skill level, and of course their age is always taken into consideration. The capacity of our resorts is never fully taken up in order to ensure a comfortable and efficient learning environment. This year our course is offered across six terms, which can be connected for a two-week stay – details here.

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Terms Dates Locations Price
M1 30 June - 7 July 2024 Apartments MONÍNEC EUR 490
M2 7 July - 14 July 2024 Apartments MONÍNEC EUR 490
T1 21 July - 28 July 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T2 28 July - 4 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T3 4 August - 11 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T4 11 August - 18 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300

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